About us

Zweibrücken IP was founded in 2011.

Our specialisation and technical experience allow us to completely appreciate our customers' technical requirements before we even start our juristic work.

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Sebastian Birnbach, CEO

Dipl. Inform. Univ., German and European Patent- and Trademark Attorney

  • working in industrial property business since 2006
  • 6 years Global Product Expert and Intellectual Property at SUN Microsystems
  • R&D in Satellite Navigation for Trimble
  • Studied Computer Sciences
  • Basic Studies in Electro Engineering

Additional expertise

is added to our business by our further freelance workers, for example a mechanical engineer and another physicist. All cooperating colleagues have admissions both as German as well as European Patent- and Trademark Attorneys.

Core Competences

Our technical strengths

We mainly focus on technical subjects in mechanics, electronics and telecommunication.

In mechanics we work for example in mechanical engineering, micromechanics, hydraulics and manufacturing engineering.

In electronics we are primarily concerned with semiconductors, analog and digital circuits, communication circuitry, control engineering and computer technology.

Additionally we labour on subjects of computer science, for instance protocols, transmission techniques, distributed systems, concurrent processes or mathematical planning methods.

One of our specialties consists in working out the technical aspects of an invention during procedure up to grant, such as to avoid its application to get rejected on the grounds of lack of technical nature like being a "program for computers", a "mathematical method" or a "method for doing business".

We constantly follow the most recent decisions of the german patent court as well as the boards of appeal and the enlarged board of appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO). We additionally perform periodic interchanging sessions with colleagues over the complete spectrum of intellectual property protection.

We enjoy combining this expertise when working with patents on integrative technologies where highly developed mechanics is refined or made possible by means of intelligent control. This concerns for example some aspects of engine building or medical applications.

Industrial Mandates

Specific services for medium and large enterprises

For those mandates who run their own internal patent system we offer taking over commissioned work. This may comprise for example the drafting of patent applications on the basis of invention disclosures, rebutting office actions, participating in oral proceedings or performing actions as communicating lawyers. In this we work alternatively in german or english language

Upon request we also perform submission of a drafted application at the german or european patent office. For submission at foreign offices, e.g. in the U.S., we are well networked with capable communicating lawyers.

During preparation we like to actively come back to the inventors to make sure that an invention is completely understood and that its application is precisely expressed and embedded into a project, a preferred technology or a strategic goal of the company. In this we arrive at maximising economical effect of a protective right that emerges from the application. We also like to come on site to personally get to know the responsible employees.

We offer counsel in specific aspects of the patent system, e.g. the current limitations of patentability in Industry 4.0, the Internt of Things (IoT), the effects of "Fair, Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory" agreements (FRAND) or the coexistence of free software (e.g. GNU) with patent protected methods.

We support our customers in harvesting of internal knowledge, e.g. in an inventors' workshop or in sighting and classifying submitted invention disclosures.


Tailormade support for all aspects of your IP rights

We offer our clients support in all concerns of legal protection. We interlock optimally with your in-house processes and personal responsibilities and ensure frictionless and secure handovers.

We work with all common kinds of commercial legal protection, over the complete lifecycle of the IP right and - supported by our foreign colleagues - in practically all regions and countries of the world.

We tend and adminster your IP rights and represent them in front of the German Patent- and Trademark Office (DPMA), the European Patent Office (EPO), in front of german courts and german and european patent offices. We ensure timely payment of annual fees and periodic renewal of IP rights that are limited in time.

We counsel on assessing inventions and patents, portfolio management, IP rights exploitation, licensing and trading of IP rights, and represent in juristical disputes, for instance in appeal, invalidity or infringement proceedings.


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